Finout. Web design & Naming & Brand

Naming, logo, brand book and design system focused on the customer persona, with the desired tone of voice and all the brand assets necessary to start focusing on the target, we show the problem that startups have and how we can easily solve it.

New brand and a complete digital design system

CSF is a financial company that opens a new line of business for start-ups with a simpler approach and growth support. They basically offer an external CFO who will handle the finance function.

In this context, they needed a new brand identity to attract new business. The approach went through knowing the start-up sector and the competition in the finance sector, to then begin the naming process and subsequently create the logo and the new brand identity.

FinOut, is a name created with a clear communicative value, Finance and Outsourcing. We established naming, logo, brandbook and design system  necessary to get started.