Management of Customer Waiting in release deliveries






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The challenge was to optimize the bi-weekly release process to avoid unexpected service disruptions, which caused inconvenience to users during their sessions.

The goal was to implement an efficient system that provided advance notifications, temporarily suspended specific services, delivered personalized messages, standardized warning times, improved maintenance pages, and notified users once the service was restored.

This comprehensive approach addressed the need for a smoother user experience during maintenance periods.

Understand the process with a single approach for all teams

With a focus on improving the user experience and the development efficiency for various teams within the online betting and gaming platform, a common approach was proposed.

This involved notifying the user some time before maintenance and providing updates during and after maintenance regarding the service restoration.

Each specific user situation was carefully studied, such as whether the user was in the middle of a critical function, game, or about to initiate a transaction related to their balance.

Designing with a user-centered philosophy to improve the experience

The user interface for notifications was improved by defining the user flow and crafting messages and banners to inform users about the upcoming site suspension before it occurred.

Additionally, various paths were outlined for the content and design of maintenance pages, providing user-friendly messages and the option to notify users upon the completion of the suspension.