UX ResearchUX/UIVisual Design

Tesoro Público. Findability and Optimization of Web Interfaces

We focus on improving websites in two critical areas: searchability and optimization, benefiting both citizens and portal teams

Lefebvre. Analysis of performance after product launch

Evaluate product performance post-launch, developing a customer journey to gain insights and improvements

CriteriaCaixa. Optimizing Dashboards through Tool Migration

Refining Data Visualizations: Collaborative User-Driven Enhancements for Power BI from QlikView and Excel
UX StrategyUX/UIVisual Design

Codere. Effortless balance management with One Wallet

Simplifying balance management for Codere México's clients and support agents in both in-person and online gaming via the One Wallet app
UX ResearchUX/UI

Codere. Revitalize account verification to improve user experience

Enhancing Codere Spain's Verification Process and Creating Prototypes for Optimal Results
BrandingCampaignsCreativityVisual Design

Solusoft. Defining the Employer branding strategy

Honest Employer Branding Strategy: Attracting and Retaining Talent Based on Culture

Codere. Dashboards to foster discussions

Facilitate user-friendly data input and visualization, streamlining sessions and enabling effective assessment for decision-making
UX ResearchUX StrategyUX/UI

Codere. Cost saving through user cycle analysis

Identifying the reasons and specific stages where conversion goals were not being met in the Codere Mexico app, and providing recommendations for improving the conversion cycle.