Analysis of performance after product launch






UX Researcher

Visual Designer

  • Customer Journey Design

  • Support to the research team


Lefèbvre evaluates the performance of the product after launch, identifying weak points. They involve stakeholders and customers, developing, as part of the research, the customer journey to obtain insights and improvements.

Analyzing Post-Launch Performance: Tandem In-Depth Study

Lefèbvre aims to capture the performance of its product in the market after launch. To achieve this, they conduct a research study to identify possible weaknesses in both the product itself and its sales and adoption cycle. This study involves the active participation of interested parties and end customers.

A fundamental aspect of this research involves the development of a customer journey that describes the process perceived by both employees and end customers. This is done with the aim of identifying weak points and areas for improvement, presented as challenges to overcome.

Together with the research team, I participated in the development of the customer journey and its graphic presentation for documentation.