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Improving the findability and optimization of web interfaces


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UX/UI Designer

  • Desk Research

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Focused on addressing two critical aspects for substantial website improvement, our efforts aim to positively impact both citizens and the teams responsible for portal construction and maintenance. These key areas of focus are findability and optimization.

Optimizing information architecture with a focus on the citizen

In both the Public Treasury Portal and the Electronic Sede, various avenues for improvement in terms of usability and user experience have been identified. These findings stem from prior research and expert analysis, always keeping the focus on the citizen and consumer of the portal’s current content.

The initial efforts have been directed towards enhancing content discoverability. This involved a thorough review of the information architecture and the development of a proposal to simplify citizen access to content, ensuring consistency between the Sede and the Portal.

Streamlining Content Access: Enhancing Relevance and Usability

A thorough review of the information architecture and content tagging has been conducted to enhance the accessibility of specific content. For instance, by identifying the most sought-after content that used to be buried in hard-to-reach sections, we have made adjustments to the homepage.

Here, we highlight the most visited and relevant content for users to find quickly and easily. Additionally, the news section has been improved to incorporate news related to the most sought-after content, and the news search function has been optimized.

Design templates following consistent visual patterns and elements

The interface has been optimized and standardized. Alongside usability improvements in the design, we have rationalized template usage, reducing them to just ten.

This ensures content coherence, enabling citizens to easily discern whether they are on the portal or at the headquarters. Additionally, this positively impacts content scalability and the creation of new materials.

It also aids users in content discoverability, as similar structures simplify content scanning.