Effortless balance management with One Wallet






UX/UI Designer

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The goal of the One Wallet project was to implement a ubiquitous and fluid balance management process for both customers and Codere Mexico support agents, with the goal of reducing the effort involved in balance-related operations in the payment rooms. game and online operations.

Analyzing Premises and Considering Functional Requirements

Starting with the functional requirements, our focus was on considering all existing balance processes to streamline and make them accessible on both online and retail channels. Additionally, we aimed to seamlessly integrate the most commonly used payment methods.

Balance transfer operations for gaming in Mexico are not exempt from taxes, which meant we needed to strive for maximum efficiency to facilitate the highest savings for the customer.

We selected four use cases along with their corresponding interactions and created a low-resolution prototype for testing with both customers and agents. From this, we will draw conclusions to further enhance and streamline the interactions.

Usability optimization and new branding in a high-fidelity prototype

Drawing upon insights gathered from initial prototypes, we opted to develop a high-fidelity prototype, incorporating the updated brand guidelines. This prototype underwent evaluation by the executive committee, assessing both usability and brand implementation.

We successfully integrated the new brand directives into a high-fidelity prototype, while maintaining a user-friendly interface to effectively communicate the project and our findings.

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