Revitalize account verification to improve user experience






UX/UI Designer

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The objective was to optimize account verification at Codere Spain for higher completion rates. This included improving clarity, usability, providing clear guidance, fixing links, and ensuring comprehensive information. The project encompassed creating a prototype for validation purposes.

Analyzing premises and addressing usability challenges

The initial usability analysis brought to light several critical challenges. Users frequently encountered ambiguity in the process and were often unaware of the existence of two separate procedures. Furthermore, there was a lack of comprehensive information regarding the necessary steps and required documentation.

In response, there was a clear recognition of the need for proactive user guidance before initiating the process, requiring a thorough review of all related communications, including emails and messages received by the user.

To efficiently address these issues and swiftly propose substantial enhancements, the process was segmented into manageable components across three two-week development sprints.

Optimizing the verification process from analysis to prototype

We conducted benchmarking on competitor registration processes and conducted a thorough analysis of multiple providers offering document verification. Additionally, we took current legislation into account to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Based on these insights, we created a high-resolution prototype that we iterated until achieving a clear and easily understandable manual verification process. Subsequently, we divided this process into user stories for implementation in the development sprints.

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