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Solusoft faced the challenge of defining an employer branding strategy that would focus on both attracting external talent and retaining internal talent.

To achieve this, we began by referencing their mission, vision, and values, and worked with them to develop a value proposition and strategy rooted in their core values.

The outcome was a comprehensive strategy aligned with their culture, complete with a schedule of actions and key components for each one.

Defining the strategy based on culture and employees

We addressed the challenge of defining a strategy by analyzing recruitment processes and the work environment, gathering employee feedback. Drawing from the company’s mission, vision, and values, we conducted a collaborative workshop with the executive and HR teams to establish the framework and initiatives that would drive internal talent retention and external talent attraction.

We identified three key aspects for the campaign, relevant for both internal and external talent:

  1. Well-being: Focusing on the day-to-day experience of working at Solusoft.
  2. Careers: Centered on professional growth at Solusoft.
  3. Purpose: Related to the nature of the work itself.

Within each of these aspects, we aligned the initiatives generated in the workshop with the company’s culture and values to provide them with coherence and meaning, thus driving the campaign forward. This framework gave us a clear vision of potential actions based on talent interests, allowing us to define specific messages for each objective.

Defining the calendar and campaign actions based on the defined framework

With the defined framework in place, we approached the creativity of the employer branding campaign with the same level of meticulousness as a high-profile marketing campaign. We outlined recruitment objectives, honed audience segmentation, selected strategic channels, and established success metrics, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive action plan.

To enhance trust both within and outside the organization, we actively engaged our employees in the campaign, transforming them into authentic brand ambassadors.

We set up a schedule of actions and worked the creativity of the master piece of each initiative, ensuring that every aspect of the campaign exuded the authentic values of the brand’s culture.